Plagued by an insatiable urge to provoke thought and seek adventure, I pioneered an online compilation to document my journey.

As you would guess, I am female.

As a child I saw no differences between myself and my male counterparts. They wanted to play in an imaginary world of adventure and I wanted to play in an imaginary world of adventure. It was a simple relationship and nurturing it came naturally.

Inspired by the hundreds of books I couldn’t put down, pirate stories were one of my favorite tales to recreate and being the assertive little rogue that I was, I routinely appointed myself to the role of Captain. If we were going to pillage and plunder, I was going to lead the raid. Ahoy!

On land however, I struggled to identify with other little girls. They wanted to play in an imaginary world of reality by reenacting the idyllic lives of caregiving mothers and busied housewives. I found it infuriating when so-called friends forced me to spend time passively waiting for someone to return home for dinner or even worse, to save me from some atrocity. I avoided this world whenever possible and ultimately became disliked on the handball courts.

But all this changed in a regrettably short time.

My pirates began to revolt, preaching that there was no such thing as “Lady Pirates” and my rights to play make believe with the crew suddenly ceased.

Cast away and distraught I tried to submerse myself into the dreaded pink culture. For many years I hid relatively successfully (and even enjoyed some things I had trouble admitting to), but it never satisfied my urge to seek adventure. I played the game, but spent most of my alone time daydreaming about when I could return to the seas.

Many many years after finally becoming an official adult, I emerged with the realization that no single world had to define me. I could enjoy the relaxation of a mani-pedi while still getting my hands dirty shooting a bow.

From then on, the journey became less about fitting in and more about uncovering the badass Lady Pirate that I am.