“The Notebook” (as a Horror / Suspense Movie)

You’ve heard of The Notebook, right? The Nicholas Sparks book turned blockbuster. A 40s version of class status Romeo & Juliet (without the death). A real tear-jerker with gorgeous, chiseled, slightly dangerous, yet sensitive heart-throb Ryan Gosling and… Rachel McAdams.

She doesn’t get adjectives, since I’m RG focused.

Hey Girl

[I’m totally getting side tracked finding photos of “Hey Girl” memes]

I hope you’ve watched the movie because:

1. I rarely cry during movies and this baby had me bawling. I even watched it with a friend of mine the morning after some heavy college partying. We had awaken at 6am, still drunk, starving and managed to push our way through two hours of crocodile tears in each other’s arms. (talk about romantic)

2. I stumbled upon a hilarious trailer twist. They spliced movie clips from The Notebook into a thriller trailer. And without watching the movie, I’d never had been able to guess that there was sweetness. I totally would have thought Gosling was a… well, more like this meme:

Serial Killer Gosling

[Had to find an excuse to search for more “Hey Girl” memes – I wasted (enjoyed) 15 minutes]

Watch this trailer I mentioned and you forgot about:

Hey Girl

Whaaaaaat?? A final one for good measure.