Mophie: iPhone/iPad Portable Charger

I’m usually good about charging my phone regularly, but I was recently at SHOT Show and we had one of our most important events Wednesday evening at 6:00PM. My phone died at 5:00PM. You can imagine my annoyance (subtle relief for the excuse, too) when I can’t make appointments, can’t get contacts, can’t update FB – essentially “can’t + anything” is the key.

It would have been nice to have this little baby. The Juice Pack Boost by Mophie has a 2000mAh external battery so that you can give recharge your phone on the go. It has a great design, too – it fits in your pocket and it doubles as a stand. Plus, it’s only $49. If you need something more substancial, check out their Juice Pack Powerstation with 4000mAh or there’s a smaller version called the Reserve to round out the line.

Juice Pack Boost, $45

Three Sizes from Mophie, $35-$80