Turning 30: 30 ACTUAL Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know

I’m sure you’ve seen this article circulating about Glamour’s new book – Turning 30: 30 Things Every Woman Should Have And Should Know. Well, I’m one of its target audience members, so I… Continue reading

Princess Machine

This may be a killer marketing video, but it also says so many amazing things about the potential future of little girls. If you have a little one, it may be worthwhile to… Continue reading

Truthful Advertising

Don’t laugh away the things that make you feel good. Relish those moments – no matter how silly or frivolous they might be. That doesn’t matter because the positive energy you’re dispersing through… Continue reading

“The Notebook” (as a Horror / Suspense Movie)

You’ve heard of The Notebook, right? The Nicholas Sparks book turned blockbuster. A 40s version of class status Romeo & Juliet (without the death). A real tear-jerker with gorgeous, chiseled, slightly dangerous, yet… Continue reading

Deep Thoughts: Acceptance

I’m not usually one to use Facebook for a political platform considering most of the time I have little knowledge about what’s transpiring in Sacramento or DC (I have a deep seeded desire… Continue reading


Fuck it. Seriously. I mean it. And before any of you Bay Area fans who worship the beloved Forty Niners start to riot and devolve yourselves into black sheep Raider brethren pounding on… Continue reading

Recipes: Fall Baking

Remember that Gemini reference? Yeah, so there’s two sides – the thrill seeker that can’t survive without pushing limitations and the domesticated lush (where’s my Bulleit Manhattan?) content with lounging. Right now, you’re… Continue reading

Shorty Story: Therapy

Taking a break from the day to write. I slowly increase the pressure and sit, satisfied in the emerging level of pain, until it disperses. There’s a numbing sensation that remains on the… Continue reading

Men & Women: In the Spotlight

When I’m alone, I enjoy serene silence, but as soon as one person enters the room (and it only takes one), the idea of keeping my mouth shut becomes a distant thought. I’m… Continue reading

The Pros & Cons of Owning Pets Instead of Birthing Children

I felt ill today, but somehow managed to be more productive than usual on a Saturday. I woke up and immediately started to organize the house, which transformed into an overly thorough cleaning… Continue reading

Retro Rewind: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Does anyone else watch Mad Men? As a side note, if you do, please watch this SNL skit. I snorted. Don Draper is my hero. Back to the point of this post… I’m… Continue reading

Swapping a Schwinn for Monkey Bread

Well, that’s not entirely true. I didn’t set out with the intention of making monkey bread and trading it like a gypsy with the handyman in my house so that he’d restore a… Continue reading

Fuck Hipster Weddings

Thank god someone finally summarized my hatred for indulgent wedding planning. Read the fantastic article from The Onion here. I think my favorite quote is: “…a forcibly lighthearted accordion wedding march expected to… Continue reading